As they say, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, and we all know that measures up to failure. The truth is that the same can be said for marketing. While we all know about the pitfalls of continuing to apply “old school” marketing in the world of the digital age, are we being careful about the channels we’re using? Are some digital channels better than others? Are some digital channels going to work better in some industries than others?

Well, let’s take a look at Amazon.

We all know Amazon is a heavy hitting online marketplace, and if you have a retail product to sell, you’re missing out on the opportunity to increase sales. Still, how much of an opportunity is really being missed by companies who don’t put their products on Amazon?

Keep in mind, Amazon is still growing. They are still building out their platform with a large number of exciting services that keep consumers engaged. Still, Amazon is a powerful platform for retail products. In fact, it’s so huge, we can clearly see that consumers are using Amazon to search for retail products MORE than they are using Google.

That’s right. Product searches on Amazon outpace such searches on Google.

I think that number shows something huge. Retailers who really want to get their product in front of audiences should definitely have their products on Amazon. After all, statistics show us that SEO and paid search marketing to get products higher on Google isn’t working as well as putting them on Amazon in the first place. Wouldn’t you agree that it behooves companies to put their products on Amazon?

Let’s consider Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are just around the corner. I get excited about marketing on those days. I recently hit a 10 year goal to be found on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘Amazon Black Friday’. Today, my Amazon affiliate link is on Google’s first page for my keyword.

As you know, this article is about comparing product marketing and automotive digital retailing, and you might wonder what my Amazon link has to do with selling vehicles. Well, I see the truth in the matter: Amazon isn’t just an online shopping site. It’s a search engine.

In the automotive realm, certified automotive digital retailing professionals are needed to help grow dealerships. These professionals see that you can’t just promote retail in the digital world. No, you’ve got to know the right places to advertise and promote. Virtual show rooms have to become a norm, and the many dealerships who’ve already adopted this approach are seeing the fruits. Dealerships who fall into the trap of continuing their traditional, comfortable marketing are going to see a downward trend in sales. The only way to break the trend is to pay attention to history. If products are working better on Amazon, where do you think the automotive industry should be targeting? This is the very essence of automotive digital retailing.