This is an excerpt from, The Art of Text Message Selling, The 23 Secrets You Must Use to Remain Relevant in Today’s Digital World.

“Among the many things Steve Jobs was known for, one was offering people something they couldn’t live without before they even knew it existed. Granted, I am no Steve Jobs but I do know it is more important to offer more than the customer asks for than it is just give them what they ask for. For instance, if he asks for a price, which he always will, there is a very good chance he would also appreciate some H.D. pictures of the car, a walk-around video demonstrating the features, a vehicle history report, some finance choices, and/or an appraisal on his current car. The sales professional willing to offer all this will win and she will win big. But how do we give all this information without relinquishing the need for the customer to come in. Won’t he just go shopping other places once we have armed him with the abundance of unsolicited information that we were so willing to give him? News Flash! He was shopping when he found you and he is going to shop you whether you give him the information or not. The best solution is to give him a superabundance of reasons that makes him want to do business with you.

There is HUGE difference between just retorting the answer to customer’s question and providing what I call the Big Offer. Knowing the difference and more importantly practicing the difference is the make or break point in text message selling. It means feast or famine. Imagine a customer responds to your ad and texts you, “How much is it?” which I am sure you have had posed as a text message a few times, right? Let’s look at two different ways of giving the customer what he is asking for.

Option 1.(Giving the customer what he says he wants, a price.)

Customer-How much is it?

Sales Guy-$32,000

Customer-(no response)

Sales Guy-Are you still there?

Customer-(Still no response)

Option 2.(The Big Offer, Giving the customer what he wants and a whole lot more.)

Customer-How much is it?

Sales Professional-This particular car is priced #1 in the market of all the cars just like it at $32,000. In addition to the lowest price in the market I can also get you some photos, a walk-around video, some finance options, some low, low payments and a Carfax. I can even get you an appraisal on your car? Would any of this be helpful? I’ll be happy to get it for you. :)”

-Excerpt from The Art of Text Message Selling by Billy Merritt

Which sales person do you think will have an advantage in getting an answer when we call for the appointment? I know from experience that one with the biggest offer gets the attention so why not offer big? Once you understand this you can move on the how to actually disseminate this information in such a way it will guarantee an appointment that shows up. Isn’t that what every good closer needs? An appointment that can buy, wants to buy and that actually shows up.

To be continued…