Repeat after me: This is my CRM, there are many like it but this one is mine.

You may have not heard this same thing about the CRMS in our industry but I can bet you've been told countless times how important it is to log your customer or to complete your daily tasks list. You didn't forget their info did you? Did you send that email the system said to send even though its completely irrelevant to the last conversation you had? How many tasks are sitting in your CRM right now that you are dreading clicking through just to be able to take a customer (didn't think someone knew you faked completing tasks did you?).

Funny thing is this is just a small sample of things that go on daily with our beloved CRMS. Systems designed to make us more efficient have over the years become so cumbersome and time consuming that we spend countless hours training and retraining on them to get just a small percentage better. And what happens after all this training and retraining? NO ONE USES IT.

Why you ask? Well let's look at some examples in your own CRM.

First let's try to get some simple data that shouldn't be hard to find. Go run a report for customers that haven't had any follow up done in the last 30 days, I'll wait for you to get long did that take you to pull that quite useful information? Was it easily accessible or did you have to create a report? Now what if you wanted to gather that same data for any other time frame? Now what if we actually wanted to use this information. How long would it take us to reach out to all of these customers that you just pulled? Well, you could send an email. But, let's face who reads their email anymore? You could call every single one and leave voicemails....oh wait no one really listens to their voicemails either. Hmmmm...

Next Let's look at how many tasks you have ready and waiting for you on a daily basis. How much time do we waste scrolling past customers to get to the next one or how many clicks does it take to actually complete one of those "tasks"? Seeing any issues yet? When you look at how many times you click to clear a single task from your digital "to do" list. Is it really an efficient way to use your time? This post is by no means a bashing session on our beloved CRMS. I personally have used many of the crms out there not just ones geared specifically towards automotive. I myself was trained to love my CRM.

Repeat after me: This is my crm there are many like it but this one is mine. Thinking back about the years spent mining data looking for customers and clicking through multiple screens to leave a single note makes you wonder if our industry has an efficiency problem in the one area that is designed to be efficient. Over the years crms have evolved to add in more and more requested "features" that we as a whole deemed necessary.

The first iterations were nothing more than a digital Rolodex. You aren't still using one of those are you? All joking aside I think it's time for a change. The low usage rate of current CRMS have become a huge waste of time for our teams.

Time to get back to basics and focus on what matters most. Actually talking to customers and not clicking off tasks in CRMs.

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