TECOBI How-To Work with Voicemails

1) Click on Open the App. Then Click on Login.

2) Enter your login and password.

3) From the home page of TECOBI click the phone icon at the bottom to be taken to the Voicemail Leads Landing Page.

4) The Landing Page of Voicemails will appear. From here you can see the same information as the leads on the TECOBI TEXT Home Page. This includes the lead name, where the lead generated from, the status of the lead, whom the lead is assigned to as well as the age of the last voicemail left.

For each Voicemail you will have the option to listen to the voicemail, text the lead, move the lead into the CRM or view the profile details.

5) To listen to the voicemail press the play icon.

6) To text a response to the lead press the text button.

7) To push the lead into the CRM press the CRM icon.

8) To view the lead profile information click the profile icon.

9) To exit and return to the TECOBI Text Message Home Page click the Message Icon at the bottom of the screen.

Emily Geisler

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