TECOBI How-To Navigate Settings

TECOBI How-To Navigate Settings 1) From the Text Message Leads Home Page click the setting Icon at the bottom left of the screen as shown below.
2) Once inside the Settings Home Page one can verify their setting and profile information is correct and alter as needed for Personal Information such as name, cell and email. Underneath account settings one can select between basic settings overview, Number overview and User Overview.
3) As well as set notifications for inbound text leads. It is recommended to keep you settings for Notifications on Both so that one doesn’t miss a new lead.
4) Under Account Settings select Settings to be taken to Client Settings Page. This shows he name, address, CRM settings and lead delivery for the client.
5) Underneath account settings select the Numbers option to be taken to this page to view the numbers from which your inbound text leads are coming from to better help you engage and interact with the customer.
6) Account Settings – Users
This shows the Users that also work on the same system and the contact email as well as status such as admin or user. As well as the last time the user logged into TECOBI.

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