TECOBI How-To Navigate Credit Apps

TECOBI How-To Navigate Credit Apps

1) Click on Open the App. Then Click on Login.
2) Enter your login and password.
3) From the TECOBI Home Page tap the Credit Application Icon to be taken to current Credit Apps Landing Page.
4) From the Landing Page of the Credit App portion of TECOBI simply click within rectangle of the lead to open and view credit app details.

5) Basic Overview of Credit App Leads Landing Page.
From the main landing page of the Credit App Portion of Tecobi one can see the Lead Name of each credit application along with the lead origin, the lead status, the sales person the lead is assigned to, as well as the age of the credit application. Click on any lead to view the credit application information.

6) Credit Application info which has been populated will show up as shown below. Scroll down to see all of the information.

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