TECOBI How-To Claim A New Lead

How-To Claim a New TECOBI LEAD

1)Lead Notifications can come via email or your Tecobi APP on your smart phone. (See How to set notification settings (Link Coming Soon)) for more information to ensure you are receiving all alerts as quickly as possible. Many dealers push through new leads on a first come, first serve basis. So the first salesperson to claim the lead, gets it. It’s important to stay on top of your notifications and sending a timely response.

Mobile TECOBI APP notifications will look like this
Mobile TECOBI APP notifications will look like this

Email Notifications will Look Like this:

2)Open the email and click the green View Lead button from within the email notification to be taken to the Text Leads Home Page of TECOBI.
TECOBI App can also be opened by clicking on the mobile app notification on the mobile device to be taken to the Text Leads Home Page.

3) Click the green view lead button leads to go to the Text Lead Home Page of TECOBI as shown below.
The most recent text lead will be at the top just underneath the TECOBI Support Lead, which will always remain at the top should you need quick TECOBI Assistance.
4)One can tell if the lead has been claimed or not by checking its status and to see who, is anyone it is assigned to, shown below.
As well as the following information before selecting the option to text.
-The Name belonging to the customer is located at the top of the lead in bold black text.

-To the left of the lead name is the customers’ photo.

-Underneath of the lead name in regular text is the most recent text message sent.

-Beneath the text message one can see where the lead came from, the status of the lead (new, working etc.) as well as who the lead is assigned to.

-At the bottom is a time stamp showing how long ago the last text interaction was. To claim the new lead look for the one closest to the top which is still unassigned to a saleperson.

5) Click Anywhere within the rectangle area of the unassigned lead to open the message and assign the lead to yourself.

6) Once inside the lead message you will be asked if you would like to assign the lead to yourself. Click on OK to assign it to yourself. You will automatically be taken to the next step.
7) Next you will be asked if you wish to set the status of the lead to working. Click OK.
8) The Message page will now open up to allow you to respond to the customer.

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